Mobile Phone can lead to Physical Damage when a device experiences any type of harm or any natural disaster. Your device could get damaged and lead to various types of risks such as water or liquid, data damage, physical damage etc. At Mobile Connect we aim to repair all kinds of physically damaged phones and provide this repair service for your mobile phone at an affordable price. We provide all related solutions like Data Recovery, Repairing Physically Damaged phones, No Power Problem, Liquid Damage, Not Holding Charge and Corporate repairs.

We give the best services to our customers with an affordable price with extended warranty and provide the proficient service and a smile.

The most common types of physical damage are:
  • Touchpad / glass cracked
  • LCD screen broken
  • Housing bent or dented
  • Charging connectors / pins damaged
  • Mobile Screen damage
  • Samsung screen replacement
  • IPhone screen replacement
Successful points to increase the repair chances:
  • Do not try yourself to repair the device
  • Get all the broken pieces of your device while repairing
  • Tell technicians how really the damage occurred by
  • Keep your damaged device away from any moisture
iphone screen replacement
Trusted mobile repair service center

Here at Mobile Connect, we provide services to repair Physical Damage of your mobile phones if any kind of damage occurs. You can bring any of your new or old devices, even if they are broken, damaged or unusable. Our repair services include:

  • Mobile Overheating

Overheating can occur due to multiple reasons like old battery, more power consuming apps, Simultaneous Running of Apps, gaming apps and overcharging of the battery can lead to overheating. This kind of little harm leads to the battery temperature high and later damages the phone. Over heating problem often leads mobile hang problem and slow response, etc. Let our professional technicians at Mobile Connect serve you with the best solutions of mobile repairing.

  • Water Damage

A small drop of water or any liquid can do the great damage. Charging Ports, Motherboard, Speaker and the Touch pad. In other words your mobile leads to halt or stop functioning. At Mobile Connect we have an expert team of technicians to deal with water damaged issues and offer the best solutions.

  •  Cracked Screen

Smartphone is a powerful bit of technology, but it’s breakable too. Smartphone’s without guard screen can get cracked easily if they slip down from your hands.We at Mobile Connect, serve to all the screen issues with best care and excellence. Get the instant repair service.

  • Motherboard Problem

The main component of the mobile phone is motherboard, if you try to repair it yourself, it may lead to trouble in your mobile phone, may lead to Short Circuit, No Adequate Power Supply, Moisture Penetration, Improper Installation parts which are the commonly diagnosed faults. Repairing a Motherboard must need an expert supervision. Our Mobile Connect Technicians can guide you and solve all your motherboard issues.

  • Battery Faults

In case you find your mobile battery with a very low battery backup for example if you are charging your mobile entire day and at last it work for few hours, It is a serious and irritable problem that needs to solved by the expert technicians. Contact us at Mobile Connect repairing center to solve all your mobile issues.

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