Did your mobile device battery get damaged due to any reason and now your device is totally dead, not powering on and not letting you to charge it? Or due to any other fault you are unable to “Power On” your device. All the possible reasons could be happening due to battery damage problem.

Mobile without battery is unable to function, where the battery ends, mobile will not work. There can be several causes to damage the battery and show No power. When it comes to the power of a mobile device correctly anything can impact whether it will accurately function or not. Our technicians have advanced equipments and tools to repair your device whatever the cause may be.

Try this if your battery is drained and device is not responding

Keep the battery out from the mobile for short time, then put it back into your device. Assemble the mobile device together as before and plug into the original charger. Make sure that you are using original charger of the same company of your mobile. In case your charger is not same as your mobile’s company, then use charger which is manufacturer approved charger.

If you are unable to remove your Smartphone’s battery due to built in phone then try to perform a simulated battery out. Different mobile phones have different method to restart the device.

Typical causes of devices not powering on:

The mobile device may not function if there are battery damage issues and shows No Power signs. Other causes may be

  • Drained Battery
  • Power button not working
  • Power button is broken
  • Fully Discharged Battery
  • Different manufacturer’s Battery
  • Software failing
  • Faulty Charging Cable
  • Damaged Charging Port
Increase your chances for a successful repair:
  • Do not try to use power on button again and again to “ON” a device
  • Donot plug it into chargers as a short circuit could fry your internal board
  • Consult with Mobile Connect technician for the expert and professional repairing of your device.
  • Avoid any further damage by trying yourself.Let the experts at Mobile Connectdiagnose or examine the exact fault in your device.
Phone Battery Replacement

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