Get the affordable and quality phone repair service for different mobile models

Mobileconnect is known for giving the best repair service for mobile phones. Our quality service has helped us to expand in different parts of Brisbane. Our team is known for giving the repair service for different types of mobile phones. The entire team of mobile connect is highly trained and efficient technicians.

Get the repair service at a reasonable price

Looking for the iPhone Screen Replacement in Brisbane then our team is here for you. We provide quick and efficient service at a reasonable price. Our team makes sure to use the best quality parts for the replacements so that no problem occurs in the future. The repair service comes with a 3 months warranty. We give the service at the most affordable rates so that you don’t have to face any issue to get the repair.

What is the cost of screen replacement?

  • iPHONE 5/5C/5S – $70
  • iPHONE 6 – $70
  • iPHONE 6 PLUS – $80
  • iPHONE 6S – $80
  • iPHONE 6S PLUS – $90
  • iPHONE 7 – $90
  • iPHONE 7 PLUS – $100
  • iPHONE 8 – $100
  • iPHONE 8 PLUS – $110
  • iPHONE X – $180
  • iPHONE XR – $180
  • iPHONE XS – $190
  • iPHONE XS MAX – $290
  • iPHONE 11 – $24


  • iPAD 2/3/4/MINI 1/2 – $ 110
  • iPAD AIR – $ 120
  • iPAD 5 – $130
  • iPAD 6 – $150

To get better clarity about the iPhone screen cost you need to get in touch with our team and they will help you get the right information which makes it easier for you to get the service.

Quality service

Cell phones are delicate and they need to be handled with utmost care. Our main focus is on giving the fast phone repair turnarounds. Our main goal is to never compromise with the commitment to delivering exceptional service. We use the quality parts for phone repairs and each of the technicians has the right amount of training and knowledge.


Whether you have scheduled the appointment online or visited the store. We will give you a convenient service according to the parts you need to get fixed. Our expertise and skills will make you have your phone work in order within no time.

Honest opinion

It does not mean you need to get the phone repair service when you have mobile phone issues. In some cases, when the screen does not operate or get on, then there might be some issue with the cell phone charger. If the headphone jack is not working correctly, then the issue might happen due to the loose wire in the headphone.

We don’t want to invest your money without any need. Our team will make sure to get the right opinion so that your money does not get wasted. So, before investing in cell phone repair, we provide a free and honest diagnostic assessment to get the phone repaired.

Get the quality model

If you don’t want to face any issue, then it is best to spend on a quality model. You should get the screen protector and consider the waterproof model. Make sure you do not do the DIY repairs as they won’t help and it can even result in irreversible damage.

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