Everything about Casper Tempered glass and its installation on cell phones

Everything about Casper Tempered glass and its installation on cell phones

Everything about Casper Tempered glass and its installation on cell phones


Every phone needs some kind of protection because experiencing cell phone screen damage or scratches is extremely common. Getting the cell phone screen damage fixed is the second most expensive element. To get the best mobile repair make sure to contact the professionals and they can teach you better on what option will suit you the best. Different types of tempered glass are available online but not all of them are safe and protective.

What are the features of Tempered Glass?

  • Heat Resistant

This is going to protect your phone from heat damage.

  • Thickness

It has 0.3MM Thickness, and its demand is available worldwide.

  • Oleophobic Coating

The oleophobic Coating contains a slippery feel to it which makes it easier for the glass to slick to the touch.

  • Ultra-Thin HD Clarity

The Casper glass is going to give you HD clarity Transparency.

The professionals are going to give you the best shock-resistant, bubble-free, waterproof, and best material tempered glass to protect your screen from daily damage and prevent the common signs of wear & tear.


Types of Tempered Glass

Clear Series

For all the right type of protection, you need a clear glass. The best part is that you won’t even notice it is there.


Privacy Series

Make sure the screen is protected and the privacy with the power of the best-tempered glass.


Matte Series

If you want to stay outdoors and the sunshine is always on the phone, then this option will work for you. You should eliminate the extra glare off the phone screen and with the matte premium tempered glass.

Our team of professionals always makes sure you are being offered the maximum line of protection so this way the device is always guarded. The quality is extremely top-class which helps to cover the phone edges with perfection.


What does the package include?

Wet and Dry Wipes

Wet and dry pipes are perfect choices to get rid of all the dust from the mobile screen.


Guided Stickers

Keep the guide stickers on the screen protector side and around the device edges and this way they will function with ease.


Microfiber Cloth

Clean the non-adhesive side of the screen protector with the help of a microfiber cloth.



Squeegee helps to get rid of the Air bubbles from Casper Tempered Glass during installation. You need to push them to the screen protector edges.


Alignment Mold

With the alignment mold, you can keep the tempered glass properly.


Installing the tempered glass effectively and properly

  • Clean the device screen with the Wet and Dry Wipes followed by the Microfiber cloth. With the dust removal sticker, get rid of all the fine particles left on the screen.
  • Place the Alignment Mold on the Device. Correct orientation is possible by having it corrected through alignment mold.
  • Use the Squeegee and then press the tempered from the bottom to the top till the time you hear the click. Once you glue it will create a curve from the bottom to top.


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