Get the best and affordable repair service and refurbished Phone in Brisbane

Best service for mobile phone repair

Get the best and affordable repair service and refurbished Phone in Brisbane

Looking to get refurbished phone and repair service, then mobile connect is the best store in Brisbane for the quality service you need. The entire team is specialized in giving quality service for the different mobile models. We also sell the refurbished phone and then we take your old mobile phones when you want to upgrade to the next level. So, if you want to get the refurbished Phone in Brisbane then you need to take help from the experts.

On-time repairs

At mobile connect, all the mobile phones and tablets are fixed on-time with efficient service. You can bring your mobile device to our store and we will inspect the phone free of cost. The team will give you the ideal choice which will help you give peace of mind and you can get the mobile device fixed on time.

Our customers show trust in us because of the service they get. Every year we repair mobile phones for thousands of customers in Brisbane and this is increasing every year. No matter what the mobile device is, we are here for you to get it fixed in the right manner.


What type of repair service can you get?

Mobile devices have become a necessity for everyone. This is also true, with daily use it can start to wear and tear. At times, we can drop it by mistake in the water, or it can drop out of the pocket. In that case, there is a need to get quick and efficient repairs. If you are looking for the same thing then we are here for you to get it fixed on-time. We assure you that you won’t regret coming to us.


Repair for different mobile devices

Our highly trained and professional team can repair different mobile devices which include iPhone, iPod, and iPad, all the Samsung Galaxy devices, Nokia, LG, HTC phone including Desire and One Series, and many other mobile models.

You can get any type of mobile device issues fixed at our store at an affordable price. Whether it is screen repair or the mobile device has dropped into the water, get in touch with our team to get the best solution at the competitive price.


Check out the refurbished phone

At our store, you get a wide range of refurbished mobile phones and tablets which include iPhone and Samsung Galaxy along with many mobile phone cases and accessories.


Bring your device to the store

To get the easy and on-time service, you need to bring your mobile phone to our store. The team will assess the issue and then let you know the appropriate method which can be the best solution to the phone damage.




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